Friday, August 7, 2009

working on a comission

A very exciting opportunity!

I have been asked to make a piece for a couple who love my work. They have seen several pieces at Art on Boston, but wanted some thing bigger.
36" x 60" to be exact - which IS bigger than the 24" X 18" and 16" x 20" I have been doing lately.

I am very excited about this!!!

I've got a contract and a deposit and 6 weeks to work in. With a lot of freedom. I chose a color palette of red-oranges and blue-greens.

I'd like to play with a spoked-wheel or semi-circle motif; this couple ride a tandem bicycle, and there's a half-circle window in the room this piece will be displayed in.

So far I have cut and sewn several strip-sets. (photos are 3 of these)
Rather than cut into my actual fabric, I decided to take a photo and print a copy, then cut apart a paper version and see if I like the way it looks. (this saves me the anxiety of making a mistake)
Except the printer wasn't working very well, and I needed a new color ink cartridge.
I ended up with a new printer! I have now printed a couple copies.

Okay now - back to the studio to play with my printed fabric.
This is fun!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Open Window

My newest piece in the doors and windows series:

Open Window

now on display at Art on Boston gallery
24" x 18"

This piece came together very quickly, in one sewing session - although I had a bunch of the greens and yellows already stripped and sewn.

As I was working on this, I was looking at it from another direction (rotated clockwise) - but it felt better with the light coming downward.

Then we went to France and I took all these photos of sunlight shining through arched doorways, onto steps - and they looked a lot like this piece! deja vu?

This is the 1st century Roman arena in Arles
- still used for bullfights and other events - although they stopped the gladiator contests and throwing Christians to the wild beasts a while back.

So I am expecting to make a few more doors and windows with roman arches and stairs with light flowing down -