Thursday, June 11, 2009

my thoughts on why I do what I do

I was invited to share my 'creative process' at the grove last Sunday.

I set up a table and a design wall and brought some examples of my ArtQuilts.

I also tweaked my artist statement a bit, to put on some cards - so here it is:

ArtQuilts are like families of color and shape, expressing the emotional and physical relationships between members of a whole. The pieces are similar, and yet unique. While one calls loudly for attention, the character of another is discovered only with time and focused attention. The colors and shapes relate with one another in a dynamic of tension and harmony.

In my family as well as my art, an informal structure provides a framework for direction, yet freedom and spontaneity are encouraged. As my children, both fabric and flesh, move towards maturity, I gradually surrender control and encourage them to become what they are created to be. I make decisions and direct the process, but I am not certain of the outcome while I am creating.

I believe it is an act of worship to celebrate the life and the gifts which God has graciously given.
I am blessed with abundant love, vital faith and rich creativity. Through my art I express the joy of living and maturing as an artist, a Christian and a woman. These compositions of cut and sewn fabric are my psalms of praise.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

working on graphics

I really really need to get a website together!!

I have great technical help from Mark Minks, but I have needed to do some design work and put together some actual content.
First I worked on what will be the banner - wanted it to look sort of like the cover of my book.

Here is what I have - so far: